Saturday, October 4, 2014

Random : The Perfect Boyfriend

I came across this The Perfect Boyfriend quote and I just realized that I didn't thrill to have such a boyfriend like in the quote anymore.

I MAY find it interesting back then. Okay I lied. It WAS REALLY interesting to read on when I was in college because come on guys who doesn't want to have such a perfect-boyfriend as described in there right?

But as I'm "evolving towards maturity" (laugh while typing this now), all those perfect-boyfriend quotes doesn't interest me anymore and I don't fancy to read them.

And those perfect boyfriend characteristics are no longer matter to me.

Lets just say that I've became a realist because I know there's no such thing as a perfect boy or girl for that matter.

" So dear boy, if this was me from few years back I'll definitely hoping you to say that you love me as many times a day - 7 days a week - every week of the year we're together. But now, here it's the realistic me who's writing that has a thought that it's okay if you hardly tell me that you love me because I've learned that love is more than just saying I Love You "

Because I've learned that I can still feel loved by the loving gestures made by my loved one. Or maybe when receiving a hand-made card from none other than yours truly. 

No need to say the L word often, so for awhile you may just put those words to rest.
So when you say those words to me they will remains special and really means something.

Now I realized that there's nothing I want more than being with someone who's not perfect, but got something in himself that can perfect me (i.e guide me in this worldly life and hereafter). Lets just say that we complete each other !

P/S - The Perfect Boyfriend quote was and still fun to read, but yeah like I said I'm "progressing towards maturity" (read - I . AM. AIN'T . FUN . ANYMORE) 

Thursday, May 29, 2014


10 more days,
To meet my lovely mom,
And only when I'm with her, I feel home and I'm home.

Because a house not really a home for me,
I can live everywhere and call anywhere as home,
Just name it, everywhere, anywhere.

Home is whenever I get to be with my mom.
Yeah I'm THAT clingy.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day Ma

I still remember when I was 13 years old, I got asthma attack and my mum decided to bring me home,to rest. After I got home,my mum made me a cup of milo,feed me lunch and (miraculously) it just took few hours for me to feel super-healthy again. Thanks mama,you always know what is the cure. "The love you give me is the best medicine that was pure". I LOVE YOU.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lessons from At-Takathur

Just a reminder to myself and whoever come across this diary (read: blog) of mine. It was presented by Nouman Ali Khan (trust me,his explanations are never disappointing and fun too!). This time around,he talks about Surah At-Takathur which mainly about how human(we) usually distracted by entertainment and not using all the nikmah given to us in the way He command. 

I guess I should at least kurangkan from listen/watch/do something melalaikan. Hopefully,by taking those baby steps will help me to get 'there' (to be a better muslim inshaaAllah) ♥

I should..

I should ask myself from the first time I lay my eyes on you
'Do you think you're a perfect match for him?'
'Do you think you deserve someone like him?'

Because you're a good man,

Really,you are baby.

But there's one question more

'Do you think I'm purposely fall for someone like him?'

No,because it just happened ac-ci-den-tal-ly

But when a "How-are-you" text,replied with something like that
I should know,that I should go
Maybe it was a "I-don't-have-heart-to-tell-you-but-please-stop-texting-me" from you?

I got you baby,

I should go,I know.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It must have been love

Miss YOU
Dear Allah,
ease the ache in my heart,
cause I've never been this sore.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ich vermisse dich so sehr

If this is a good bye,
say it.

If this is the end,
tell me.

it can makes the heart grow fonder.

absence can makes the heart fickle,too.

You know how insecure I can be,
but this time I'll give you the space so you could breath,
and I'll keep my distance so you'd be free.

Ich vermisse dich so sehr,

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Good Night

Alhamdulillah,we finally found you MH370.


You'll always be missed and remembered, not only by your next of kin, but by us too.

And I'm sure you've done something good to receive all the love(s) and doa(s) from us, strangers.

We're connected at hearts, really we are.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Sometimes I just don't know.

Can't people say something nicely?
Even teguran untuk benda yang baik.
Dimana anda betul, dan dia di posisi salah.
Tak bermaksud anda ada kuasa untuk bercakap sewenangnya kepada dia.

Cuba lah.
Cakap berkias berlapik.
Pakai lah apa cara pun yang perlu.
Cuba lah, tak rugi tahu?

Rasulullah SAW pun walau berdepan dengan umatnya yang berdosa setinggi gunung pun, masih boleh menutur ayat yang betul dan dalam nada terkawal. Kenapa bukan saya,anda dan kita?

"Tapi the way you said it just now so rough,garang" kata si dia.
'Ah,tak kisahlah yang salah tetap salah' kata anda.

As how I never said things in high tone or talk rudely to people, that's also how I expect people to treat or talk to me. Fair enough?

But I was totally wrong. Few people prove me wrong. Disappointed - thats the word.

Tapi itulah. Walau macam mana pun. I'll never regret for being myself - sensitive to people's heart and try to jaga the way I speak and so on - tak kisah lah with sahabat lama atau sahabat baru. 

Sentiasa jaga. Tak mahu ada yang terasa. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Say what? 'Alhamdulillah'

Because, some stories are meant to be short.

Sesuatu yang kita anggap penting hari ini, mungkin esok akan hilang, pergi, atau akan menganggap kita tak lagi penting pada keesokan hari. Hargailah dan berbahagialah dengan apa yang dimiliki sekarang.

Says Alhamdulillah all the time. 

Alhamdulillah,terima kasih Ya Rabbi.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Alhamdulillah,through my time here,Allah have gave me opportunities to meet good people. So just want to summarize who and what makes me feel thankful for.

Pertamanya,my housemates. They are the loveliest people that I ever met since I'm here. I kid you not,readers. Because they are kind and caring. Kak ein,still living with me. Remember her from my previous post? And we are living with some new friends - Syakie (a good cook) / Zaheera (a good girl) / Dayah (a cheerful girl) / Nelly (a kind-hearted girl) / Alyaa (a brutal but soft hearted girl). Each seconds,I thank Allah for all of these people He have sent me. Alhamdulillah,sesungguhnya kawan penting dalam menjaga dan menegur kita so tak terpesong ke apa apa hendaknya. I love my housemates <3

Keduanya,my guy friends. Here,Allah pertemukan dengan M. Enough to say that,I'm grateful to Him for giving me a chance to have a friend(?) like M. Apapun ending kita,ily tetap bersyukur atas pertemuan ini. Alhamdulillah. Next,Ifzuan. Baik and sangat pemurah orangnya. Selalu kelihatan gembira,kesedihan semua tersimpan kemas di lubuk hati (cewah) but that's my personal opinion of him. And next,'wingrove'-a house yang menempatkan guys yang baik baik,dan boleh diharapkan sebagai kawan (Shahrizal like my own brother/Adham seorang yg manja macam adik tp baik hatinya/Haniff like the father of the house,a good guy/Zaim for me is a quite guy but always treate me nicely/Javad is another good guy in the house/Jang is a good cook,a good friend). Dannn oh ya,Hariz. Seorang lagi kawan yang baik hati,peminat Syakie (hahaha doakan yang terbaik saja). Alhamdulillah untuk semuanya Ya Rahman <3

Terima kasih Yang Maha Pemurah,kerana memurahkan rezeki ily untuk terus dikelilingi orang orang yang baik hati tinggi budi sangat menghormati satu sama lain :') Alhamdulillah.


Talking about name and its meaning. And how it gives effects to one's behavior. My friend's name's just consist of one word. And we just found out that his name has no meaning. So he has this thought that he wanted to change his name later on. But i said to him 'don't,because name was the first present that our parents gave to us'. So sayangi nama anda alright :)

Saturday, March 8, 2014


I don't know how to express my feelings regarding the missing of the MH370 flight to Beijing. For me myself, being on board still not my favorite thing. But what to do,since its the only option for me to go back and forth from Malaysia to Newcastle.  Its a scary thing you know. Since you are like thousands feet up in the air. If anything happen,you can't just jump out the plane,you can't. You have no other way out. Which I think,that's the scariest part of it. Honestly,i don't know what to expect. If we look at the hours that the plane had gone missing and with its fuel capacity,the plane must have been landed somewhere. Just,honestly i don't know what to expect. I've been active on Twitter,scrolling through the tweets and its all because of MH370. How I have a high hope that all the crews and passengers will come home alive (Amin) Its heart breaking enough to read all the news about them and to see some of passengers pictures before they went on board. Ya Allah,make it easy for the rescue team to rescue them. 

Nobody knows when the last goodbye is. Therefore,always create good memories with people around us especially with the loved ones. So that, if it become our last goodbye,it will be a memorable one. Say what you want to say/whats on your mind/in your heart. Because life is too short to keep everything inside! Like,i'm missing my mum right now. And i'm might be a terrible sister but i do love my siblings wholeheartedly. Oh and I miss you M and of course missing my baby bella,sya,ct and all my seniors; kak iqa,kak hani,abg bob and so on .. #heartconfession #okaybye #prayforMH370

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Rindu anis,
Rindu adik,
Do you ever miss kakak? :(

Dear M

kadang ily rasa takda hubungan yang tak bermasalah and berdepan dengan ujian. macam kata harith iskander "ada ke patut orang letak status kat facebook as complicated? relationship mana ada tak complicated. semua complicated". then again,even complicated mana pun,ily percaya..kalau kita ikhlas,jujur sayang menyayangi,takkan ada masalah yang tak mampu kita selesaikan.

yang ikhlas dan jujur menyayangi,

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Siapa Sangka

sitting in the library.
kawan bergurau? tiada.
buka buku,baca.
siapa sangka.

pandang depan.
'ah si mata biru'
tengok tepi.
'ah blondies'
siapa sangka.

'excuse me'

'thank you'
'terima kasih'? tiada.
english sahaja.
siapa sangka.

"Sebenarnya takda motif pun post ni. Just..yela,siapa sangka. Ily yang lembik,manja berada jauh beribu batu dari mama,dari rumah. Siapa sangka Ily masih mampu lagi senyum,kuat untuk melangkah. Siapa sangka sekarang mampu bergerak sendiri tanpa teman disisi (even kawan rajin inbox risaukan Ily kat sini -.-' ILY OKAY GUYS! HIHI) Even diri sendiri pun tak sangka. Allah,terima kasih atas kekuatan yang dipinjamkan. Syukur. Ah homesick"

Friday, February 14, 2014


Kehidupan kat sini banyak mengajar erti SABAR. Sabar dengan orang sekeliling, even kurang berkenan dengan perangai orang and orang kurang berkenan dengan kita, but still we just have each other kat sini - as a muslim and malaysian. Sabar dengan ujian dalam pelajaran, even dapat markah rendah pun, kene sabar, takkan lah nak lari balik kampung (?). Sabar dengan cuaca, cuaca sejuk, sampai kadang pagi malas nak pergi kelas (iye,another excuses). Sabar dengan diri sendiri, perut sendiri sebab kadang mengidam nak makan masakan rumah, and sabar dengan rindu, berperang dalam hati sendiri (rinduuu..). So phase SABAR ni akan dilalui lagi sampai June, sorry I can't tolerate lebih dari June, I really really wanna go home (sabar ilyyy..).

Saturday, February 1, 2014

need you now M

Received some unhappy texts.
And nightmares. Its been so long.
AH a bad morning,i must say.

"But its okay,i'll be fine"
I say to myself.
So cheer up ily!

Friday, January 31, 2014


Jealousy is the ugliest trait,
I knew it very well.

-But I just cant help myself from feeling all that
--And I am sorry