Tuesday, July 9, 2013

i have lots to tell but i am too lazy to write :)

but i have something to share.

one of the reason why we end up with a jerk..
..is because of our own clique/bestfriends. TRUE. 

why? because i overheard the conversation between a girl with her friend. her friend,lets say 'A' letting her heart out by telling her relationship problem with her boyfriend. and 'B' (her friend) nodding along as listen to A's story. but yes,here come the part where bestfriend will ruin our life forever (in case A is marrying her current boyfriend laa). 

Okay B now will giving A advices and her opinion over the problem. and i heard sentences like 'janganla macamni..nanti hubungan da tade menyesal pulak..' and like 'maybe dia tengah kacau kot,tunggula dia reda sikit..' andd 'ko kenela banyak sabar..mmg banyak dugaan..' and yg ta boleh tahanla ayat ni 'mungkin apa yg ko rasa betul,belum tentu betul..ta semestinya apa yg kita nampak tu yg sebenarnya terjadi..'. O'ohh like seriously mannn?! My eyes cheat on  me? 

And yela,A tu je la yg kene bebanyak-banyak-banyak sabar. A tu jugak yg kene tunggu si boyfriend tu reda and A tu jugak ta boleh mempercayai apa yg dia nampak. Like seriously,miss bestfriend,you are telling her that?? Jarang kita na dengar 'okay,ni just my 2 cents ja,maybe dia tengah kacau what so ever but dia ta boleh buat ko macamni. keputusan sekarang kat tangan ko,if ko pilih utk teruskan,ko kene bebanyak sabar. but if ko na go single,aku always ada utk ko..' Ha..sejuk sikit hati. So neutral and ta berat sebelah. 

So pengakhirannya si A tu continue with her boyfriend sebab si B tu da cakap camtu. Takut menyesal bila hubungan da tade katanya. If you ask me,seriously i will say you deserve better,A. menyesal tu tatahu la. but obviously you re the only one who playing your parts. seeking advices from here and there. kan? But katakanlah A ni berjodoh jugak dgn boyfriend dia,and something happen,katakanlah. And would B tu take all the blame? Ofcourse ta! So ikutla kata hati,kelak ta salahkan orang lain :)
if only I can turn back time,
I hope we wouldn't meet each other,
for you only brings me disaster,
an endless one.

like when Shrek decided not to be a father,
and wanted his life back as an Ogre,
that's me, who wants to make everything better,
exclude the selfish part of the Ogre.

I wont forget and always swear that I wont,
will always remember every bit you've done,
for me to learn,in love again and moving on,
then only forgiving begun.