Thursday, February 9, 2017

Teacher's Diary #1

My little students take pride in everything they do -- even when they are selected to do such small tasks. Sometimes, they even proudly brag to their peers about it...which I found sooo unnecessary [but still too funny to be missed 😂😂😂].

"Isaac, seeee. Teacher is asking me to give everyone this. But teacher didn't ask you”. 

Another time, my little student asked me "Miss Ily, can I be your assistant?". Thought at first he just saying it. But the next thing I know, he comes to me beaming and proudly shows his self-made checklist.
Picture proof!
One time I was so busy and too occupied to even organise my table. And not realising, I said "Oh table is such a mess".

And guess what? Happily, two girls come to my table and start organising my stuffs, as though it is the most urgent duty in the world. I SWEAR I have no intention of calling for help...but girlll who can say no to extra hands 😝😝😝 

Really...the sincerest souls sometimes come in very, very small packages like my little kids! They definitely had taught me to think and take greatly of my tasks, no matter how big or small. And to always be sincere and seek contentment in every task I do. Even though I felt changing day/date on the white-board is a pretty basic and unexciting task, but to them, it's the grandest deal of all for being able to do it for me [often sigh of disappointments can be heard across the class from those unselected...which I found it hilarious -- Guysss seriously it's not the end of the world 🙄🙄🙄]. Maybe they doesn't know any better. And probably they are just happy for being able to do what other adults could do. But mannn, children with no doubt have beautiful ability to find joy in everything they do and they are happy enough just by doing simple life tasks -- a life lesson that we all can learn.
Love, Ily