Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Featured // May 2016

Hey, thought I wanna share it here since this space has now become my personal diary. And I've got the thought yang maybe just a few closed ones or probably no one read this blog. So yes, this is my diary//ranting space. So the thing that I want to share is ... I am featured in the May issue of Remaja magazine specifically in Pelajar Dirantau column guys. At first, I want to keep it as a secret because 1. it's not front page pun ㅋㅋㅋ  2. don't want to offend anyone in any way ... but then I finally decided to jot down something here on personal reason which I'll briefly explain below.

So ... maybe no one knows about this. But, both my sister and I once owned quite a number of Remaja, so manyyy until at some point I noticed that the topic featured pun pretty much redundant. But still we bought it back then. So seeing myself in the magazine, that my sister and I once love  making me feel all nostalgic, as it reminds me of my childhood and of course my dear sister. I think everybody can relate to what I feel, the feeling of being a part of something yang you once read/watch/listen to dulu. It's pretty touching (in a good way) isn't it? Suddenly can't imagine how emotional I'd be if later I got to work in my dream workplace *let's pray that I won't cry in the boss' office* So here it is!

To mom, thank you belikan majalah dulu *muahhh*
To my only sister, may we create many more memories together *tetiba*
And not to forget to kak ana, thank you for the write ups *insert appreciative face here*

On a side note, I still haven't properly thanked people who have helped me throughout the time before I flew here. Shall write it down whenever I'm free as my personal mental note. Just wanted to mention: you guys haven't been forgotten yet 

Friday, April 15, 2016

An emo, sentimental and sappy note.

Hi, how time flies! I'm now in my final year, and basically it's just 1 and a half month left till I'm officially finished with my study here. Oh on the side note, I find even the smallest things (like filling up my graduation form) make me teary-eyed these days (I even sebak right now huwaaa). Right now, I must say it's one of those critical moments - mountain of assignments, presentations, and my over-stresses self is not a good combination for the final year. But I know all of these will bit by bit pass, and I'll definitely miss it! Hence, that brings me to write here today, to serve as a reminder to my future self:

" Hi future Ilifatin, this is you sitting from your room in Newcastle, weather nowadays sucks and gloomy, resulting in you skipping class (Ok, classes -.-') Right now you've another 10,000 words to write/submit and presentations to kill, which I don't think this is a big issue as you read this (but trust me it is a critical time for you right now!) I hope you've become one happy woman, I hope everyday you do things you love and I hope your family is living a lovely life too :') And I bet you're crying by the time you reach this part, but you might have grown up strongly so you might not cry. And, no matter what you've become, I'm so so proud of you. If you're a successful person right now, Alhamdulillah good for you. But if you're not, please at least be happy. Go out and eat delicious food because when you're 23 that's your source of happiness (Or are you a vegan now? You better not!) Right now, this is 23y-5m-15d-Ilifatin who is writing, and I just want Ilifatin-in-the-future to be genuinely happy. Very very verrryyy happy. You might have greed and jealousy over other friends' achievements, but let me tell you again "I just want my future self to be really happy" and stay kind, stay kind, STAY KIND. Btw, you're pretty incredible! "

Now, back to reality -.-" pfft!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Dear 23 years old self,

I know 2015 is a confusing year for you,
where you started to re-evaluate whether what you're doing right now is the right thing to do,
you're afraid of facing the future, because everything seems vague and uncertain.

But don't you worry, you're almost finish, you're closely there,
and when the end comes, without you realise, you'll be well prepared,
you'll survive, like you always do.

So don't you worry, don't you worry, don't you worry.

Always keep your faith straight that 2016 will treat you well,
as long as you be kind and generous to people around you, don't forget to spread the love and forgive more, and of course mengumpat less! :)

I will love you more, I will kindly treat you, make things that will make you happy,
as I realise that I'll only genuinely happy if I start loving my own self.