Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Featured // May 2016

Hey, thought I wanna share it here since this space has now become my personal diary. And I've got the thought yang maybe just a few closed ones or probably no one read this blog. So yes, this is my diary//ranting space. So the thing that I want to share is ... I am featured in the May issue of Remaja magazine specifically in Pelajar Dirantau column guys. At first, I want to keep it as a secret because 1. it's not front page pun ㅋㅋㅋ  2. don't want to offend anyone in any way ... but then I finally decided to jot down something here on personal reason which I'll briefly explain below.

So ... maybe no one knows about this. But, both my sister and I once owned quite a number of Remaja, so manyyy until at some point I noticed that the topic featured pun pretty much redundant. But still we bought it back then. So seeing myself in the magazine, that my sister and I once love  making me feel all nostalgic, as it reminds me of my childhood and of course my dear sister. I think everybody can relate to what I feel, the feeling of being a part of something yang you once read/watch/listen to dulu. It's pretty touching (in a good way) isn't it? Suddenly can't imagine how emotional I'd be if later I got to work in my dream workplace *let's pray that I won't cry in the boss' office* So here it is!

To mom, thank you belikan majalah dulu *muahhh*
To my only sister, may we create many more memories together *tetiba*
And not to forget to kak ana, thank you for the write ups *insert appreciative face here*

On a side note, I still haven't properly thanked people who have helped me throughout the time before I flew here. Shall write it down whenever I'm free as my personal mental note. Just wanted to mention: you guys haven't been forgotten yet