Saturday, October 4, 2014

Random : The Perfect Boyfriend

I came across this The Perfect Boyfriend quote and I just realized that I didn't thrill to have such a boyfriend like in the quote anymore.

I MAY find it interesting back then. Okay I lied. It WAS REALLY interesting to read on when I was in college because come on guys who doesn't want to have such a perfect-boyfriend as described in there right?

But as I'm "evolving towards maturity" (laugh while typing this now), all those perfect-boyfriend quotes doesn't interest me anymore and I don't fancy to read them.

And those perfect boyfriend characteristics are no longer matter to me.

Lets just say that I've became a realist because I know there's no such thing as a perfect boy or girl for that matter.

" So dear boy, if this was me from few years back I'll definitely hoping you to say that you love me as many times a day - 7 days a week - every week of the year we're together. But now, here it's the realistic me who's writing that has a thought that it's okay if you hardly tell me that you love me because I've learned that love is more than just saying I Love You "

Because I've learned that I can still feel loved by the loving gestures made by my loved one. Or maybe when receiving a hand-made card from none other than yours truly. 

No need to say the L word often, so for awhile you may just put those words to rest.
So when you say those words to me they will remains special and really means something.

Now I realized that there's nothing I want more than being with someone who's not perfect, but got something in himself that can perfect me (i.e guide me in this worldly life and hereafter). Lets just say that we complete each other !

P/S - The Perfect Boyfriend quote was and still fun to read, but yeah like I said I'm "progressing towards maturity" (read - I . AM. AIN'T . FUN . ANYMORE)